I Tyrens Tegn (1974) (DVD)

Alternative Titles:
Fatelo con me …
Die goldenen 20er
Graf Victor, der Sexjager
I Oxens Tecken
In the Sign of the Taurus
Les Lecons de Carolla
Rosa bon bon fiore del sesso
Specialites Danoises
De Stier doet het weer Netherlands

Year: 1974
Country: Denmark
Genre: Classic, Comedy
Director: Werner Hedmann
Studio: Scanbox, Blue One

Starring: Anna Wiklund, Anne Bie Warburg, Else Petersen, Ingrid Langballe, Kate Mundt, Lene Andersen, Lisbeth Olsen, Lizzy, Lone Gersel, Lone Helmer, Louise Frevert, Mette von Kohl, Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen, Susanne Breuning, Suzanne Bjerrehuus.
Description: An eccentric count, fond of spying on girls at the beach from his Rolls while attended by two young female servants, is overcome by the excitement of the sights he is seeing and what the black servant is doing to him. His will insists that if one of the women in the town doesn’t give birth to a baby within a specified time, the town will be taxed for the first time. Other conditions of the will stipulate that his two servants should make lesbian love together. All this sets up a situation where the young females of the town wish to learn how to attract men. They get lessons in this art from Carola (Lone Helmer), hence the French title. But Carola turns out to be the one who is first to give birth. All a fine excuse for lots of raunchy goings on. Edited in Europe with some strange titles such as “Fatelo con me … bionde dolci Danesi” (Italy), “In the Sign of the Taurus” (UK), “Les Lecons de Carolla” (French DVD), “Specialites Danoises” (original title of French release).

Quality: DVD5
File Size: ~4500MB
Video: PAL 16:9 (720×576) VBR, Bitrate: 10080 kb/s
Audio: Danish: 48000Hz 384 kb/s, stereo
Duration: 1 hour 21 mins

Download Link(s):
I Tyrens Tegn.part01.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part02.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part03.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part04.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part05.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part06.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part07.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part08.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part09.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part10.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part11.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part12.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part13.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part14.rar – 285.0 MB
I Tyrens Tegn.part15.rar – 261.1 MB

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