Chambres d’amis tres particulieres (1983)

Chambres damis tres particulieres (1983) cover

Alternative Titles:
Very Particular Guest Rooms

Year: 1983
Country: France
Genre: Classic, Feature
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree)
Studio: Alpha France

Starring: Richard Allan, Jacky Arnal, Jacques Couderc, Olivia Flores, Jack Gatteau, Dominique Irissou, Alain L’Yle, Carole L’Yle, Cathy Menard, Piotr Stanislas, Cathy Stewart, Valerie Vitoria, Claudia von Stadt
Description: Guillaume and Flora are in their car (she sucking him) on their way to the mansion she has inherited from her aunt Cybele. They are given directions by Jacques Couderc dressed and speaking like a peasant. They are welcomed by Melanie Verdier who was Miss Cybele’s last housekeeper and who shows them around the place. The departed was a free-minded lady with a collection of erotic art pieces. They discover her diary and read from it

Chambres damis tres particulieres (1983) screencaps

File Size: ~950MB
Resolution: 720×496
Duration: 62 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Chambres damis tres particulieres.part1.rar – 242.0 MB
Chambres damis tres particulieres.part2.rar – 242.0 MB
Chambres damis tres particulieres.part3.rar – 242.0 MB
Chambres damis tres particulieres.part4.rar – 242.0 MB

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