La petite Etrangere (1981)

La petite Etrangere (1981) cover

Alternative Titles:
Erfullte Traume
A Foreign Girl in Paris
Calde dive del sesso

Year: 1981
Country: France
Genre: Classic, Feature
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree)
Studio: Alpha France, F.F.C.M., Shangrila Productions

Starring: Richard Allan, Dominique Aveline, Jane Baker, Norbert Ciret, Laura Clair, Thierry de Brem, France Lomay, Ulrike Maas, Claude Montal, Carmelo Petix, Nadine Roussial, Guy Royer, Helene Shirley, Piotr Stanislas, Cathy Stewart
Description: Richard Lemieuvre’s wife (Nicole Segaud) leaves town temporarily. He meets a blonde tourist (Ulrike Lary) by a fountain and they go off and have various sexual adventures, including in the Bois de Boulogne with a hooker or two (Laura Clair and Nadine Roussial), a nightclub (with stripper Cathy Stewart), with a friend of Richard Lemieuvre and his wife (Anne Veruska), in a restaurant (with waiter Dominique Aveline), at Richard Lemieuvre’s apartment with a swinging couple (Guy Royer and Jane Baker). There is a penultimate gang bang scene, involving many of the previous participants, where France Lomay plays a maid (non-sex). Finally the wife returns and it turns out she knows the little stranger.

La petite Etrangere (1981) screencaps

File Size: ~1150MB
Resolution: 720×424
Duration: 74 min
Format: mp4

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La petite Etrangere.mp4 – 1.1 GB

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