Jeux de langues (1977)

Jeux de langues (1977) cover

Alternative Titles:
Couples voyeurs & fesseurs
Sex Maniacs II. Teil

Year: 1977
Country: France
Genre: Classic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Francis Leroi
Studio: Alpha France

Starring: Willy Braque, Elisabeth Bure, Gerald de L’Air, John Oury, Emmanuelle Pareze, Guy Royer, Lisa Stophenberg, Ursula White
Description: A couple (Guy Royer and Ursula White as a brunette) are having sex. She is bored and when he finishes she goes to the window and looks into the apartment opposite. There a middle-aged couple (Willy Braque and Emmanuelle Pareze) are punishing a teenage girl (au pair?, niece, daughter? anyway played by Lisa Stophenberg). This turns on the wife and she gets out her camera and calls her husband. Later they get a film camera and film more kinky sex in the opposite apartment. They then continue their voyeuristic activities in the woods and find two men and a woman at it in a limousine. The woman is Elisabeth Bure and one of the men is John Oury. He gets out of the car and invites them to take a closer look and then to come back to his apartment for a swinging party. Later, in the apartment opposite that of the Guy Royer and his wife, the other couple find the girl in bed with her boyfriend and the man punishes her while the woman goes at the boyfriend, etc., etc.

Jeux de langues (1977) screencaps

File Size: ~1000MB
Resolution: 720×432
Duration: 64 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Jeux de langues.part1.rar – 248.7 MB
Jeux de langues.part2.rar – 248.7 MB
Jeux de langues.part3.rar – 248.7 MB
Jeux de langues.part4.rar – 248.7 MB

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