Miss Laid Lovers (1978)

Year: 1978
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Studio: Something Weird Video

Starring: Angel Ducharme, Chris Landau, Cindi Rellar, Jan Claude, Jennifer West, Pat Manning, Tina Louise, Bill Stanley, R.J. Reynolds, Rick Cassidy, Rick Lutze, Scorpio
Description: “This sure has been a romantic cruise, huh,” murmurs Rick Lutze before he bursts out laughing. You will too, when you watch Miss Laid Lovers, an almost undecipherable potpourri of sex, suspense, mystery, sex, drugs, deception, and of course, sex.
Watch a wonderful romantic cruise become a weird mystery cruise. The mystery: What’s going on here and why? “It’s not your job to understand why, d’you understand that?” growls the apparent ringleader of whatever it is that’s going on here.
This should have been called “Mislaid Plot,” but who’s complaining? Not the Deviate, because the gals here are un-fucking-believable.
Indeed, a young and luscious Jennifer West, who drops in at “Anthony’s Party” late in the flick, only takes fourth prize here, behind three of the most angelic blondes this side of Heaven. They are the saving grace of this mad, mad ’70s saturnalia, which also includes Rick Cassidy as a priapic boatswain who plays a sea chantey on his mizzen dick in the stem of a playmate’s fo’c’sle. A sure-fire conversation piece for anyone’s collection!

File Size: ~700MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 50 min
Format: mp4

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Miss Laid Lovers.mp4 – 717.7 MB

One Responseto “Miss Laid Lovers (1978)”

  1. walt says:

    “Insulting, incomprehensible porn
    lor_21 October 2010
    Anonymous, cheapjack pornmakers occasionally address the issue of “story” by euphemistically making fun of the notion that a movie should have one. MISS LAID LOVERS is such a case, where the cast is frequently on the phone making cryptic statements that scrupulously keep the viewer in the dark, on purpose.

    Much of the action is on a large yacht, where skullduggery is afoot, presumably some sort of drug smuggling involving the overworked porn star Ric Lutze and a mysterious boss/gangster character. On dry land there’s plenty of humping (including the inevitable orgy) and searching for information, but no imparting of the latter to the audience.

    By the time they wrap this one up it seems some of the reels might be out of order, again probably on purpose, and one early scene is replayed for comic effect. These pornographers were onto something -the fake suspense and intentional confusion is just what a legion of “Lost” TV fans ate up 3 decades later.

    Noisy disco beat soundtrack is a pain.”

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