Panty Girls (1972)

Alternative Title:
Bloomer Girl

Year: 1972
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English

Director: Edward D. Wood Jr.
Studio: Something Weird Video

Starring: Cyndee Summers, Franklin Anthony, Rene Bond, Rick Cassidy, Rick Lutze, Tina Smith
Description: The Bloomer Girl is Rene Bond! Or maybe she’s Cyndee Summers. Who knows? Who cares? Neither one keeps her bloomers on long enough for us to be sure. But Rick Lutze and Rick Cassidy are also on hand, along with another guy and gal, to show us all what to do when the bloomers come off.
The ostensible plot has to do with selling women’s underthings to potential buyers, but the real plot has to do with sucking and fucking on the floor, in bed, and in the shower with several rousing climaxes provided by the radiant Rene and the scintillant Cyndee who show us, once again, just why they became legendary nookie in the pantheon of porn.
You see, Ric wants to make “a reeeeally big sale” here, and so everyone goes for the hard sell right out of the gate. Rene is a buyer, Cyndee a seller, but this becomes a distinction without a difference as their pretty pussies show themselves to be the same eager beavers in the sack. And when their lovely mouths deliver a sales pitch to the perky penises of the two Ricks, you’ll be sold too.
Of course, it was an extremely quick sell for the Deviate who has long been jealous of any undergarment worn by Miss Bond.

File Size: ~800MB
Resolution: 704×528
Duration: 57 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Panty Girls.mp4 – 817.9 MB

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