In Love (1983)

In Love (1983)

Year: 1983
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Romance
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Chuck Vincent
Studio: Platinum Pictures

Starring: Jerry Butler, Kelly Nichols, Jack Wrangler, Tish Ambrose, Michael Knight, Joanna Storm, Samantha Fox, Dan Stephens, Rachel Ashley, Michael Bruce, Susan Nero, Beth Broderick, Veronica Hart, Henri Pachard, Bob Sumner
—“IN LOVE” begins with a summer weekend In 1962, all too short, all too brief. Andy and Jill (Jerry Butler, Kolly Nichols) are magic together, their passionate kisses promise endurance – but they are too young. They part, regretting what might have been. Jill returns to San Francisco and an affair with a musician. He is a user, cheating on Jill in the cruelest ways. Andy goes back to New York, where his wife Melinda (Veronica Hart) is waiting. Theirs is a marriage of convenience – Andy works for her father’s company.
In 1968, Jill lives in a Northern California commune trying to make sense out of the madness of the turbulent ’60’s. Andy and Melinda divorce and he tries to repair his floundering career, desperate for that lost inspiration he received from Jill. Released from prison after being framed for a drug bust, Jill finds friendship with Ella. Disillusionment strikes again when she learns that Ella wants more than her friendship.
More time passes as Andy becomes a successful restaurantuer, but still lacks love and Jill, although now an accomplsihod novelist wed to a Hollywood producer shares that lack. In 1980, nearly twenty years after they mot, their lives finally entwine and the bonds of destiny are forged into the passion of fulfillment.
—A married man has a weekend fling with a beautiful woman in Florida. He wants to leave his wife for her, but in the end they go their separate ways. Over the next 20 years, through their various relationships, they always think of each other, but have no idea where the other is. One day the man spots her picture on a book jacket, and sets out to track her down.

File Size: ~1150MB
Resolution: 720×514
Duration: 98 min
Format: mp4

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