House of 1001 Pleasures (1984)

Alternative Titles:
La Maison des milles et un plaisirs
Marilyn – Das Haus Der 1000 Freuden

Year: 1984
Country: France / Switzerland
Genre: Classic, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English

Director: Michel Lemoine (as Michel Leblanc)
Studio: Alpha France

Starring: Olinka Hardiman, Dominique Saint Claire, Andre Kay, Gabriel Pontello, Marianne Aubert, Laura Clair, Jacky Arnal, Alban Ceray, Gerard Gregory, John Oury, Diane Suresne
—Olinka is forced by circumstance to become a prostitute at a brothel run by Dominique Saint Claire with the help of Gabriel Pontello. He keeps the girls fit by drilling them through floor exercises and taking them on runs. The girl who comes last is taken anally on the massage table. Marianne Aubert deliberately comes last. Olinka falls for a young client, Andre Kay, and runs off with him, but not before there is a massive orgy to celebrate her introduction to the establishment
—Claudine, a charming orphan, is entrusted to Madame Blanche in Paris, owner of a beautiful and luxurious home. She begins with education. And she is then quickly introduced to voyeurism. Claudine becomes a breathless spectator to very special delights of anal and other punishments, Claudine very quickly became expert in pleasures of all kinds!

File Size: ~2100MB
Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 117 min
Format: mp4

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