Take My Body (1984)

Original Title:
Je t’offre mon corps

Year: 1984
Country: France
Genre: Classic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English, German

Director: Michel Lemoine
Studio: R.M.L., Essex Video, Electric Hollywood

Starring: Gabriel Pontello, Olinka Hardiman, Jean-Pierre Armand, Laura Clair, Eric Dray, Cathy Menard, John Oury, Diane Suresne
—It’s more than a movie, it’s an invitation to sensuality! It’s more than just a succession of images, it’s a range of forbidden pleasures. An adventurer ready to do anything, Olinka offers her beautiful body in the secret intimacy of cars, beds or more discrete areas of Paris. For the pleasure of our eyes and our senses, its fabulous beauty, lewd libido, and sexual performance transforms us into fascinated voyeurs
—This time Marilyn travels as a Russian Spy, named Natasha and goes to Paris. She knows how to get the information she needs and knows how to use her weapons. However things tend to happen to spies that love to make people do absurd things. You will have to watch and find out what kind of things!
—This dates from the period when French porno was just beginning to adopt the American habit of trying to make porn films with a plot unrelated to sex – sometimes to less than erotic effect. This has some sort of spy plot used to link sex scenes.
On her way to Lyons on her mission, Olinka meets Eric Dray on a train and has sex with him. She is trying to get hold of some documents kept by Gabriel Pontello and Cathy Menard. Olinka engineers an accident where Gabriel Pontello knocks her over when he is leaving his house in his car and she is crossing the road. He takes her back to his house ansd she ends up having sex with him. Then she sneaks about looking for the safe but is interrupted by the return of Cathy Menard with whom she has a g/g session. Then they both join Gabriel Pontello in the bath.
Olinka meets Eric Dray again by chance and they walk around the town. They see a streetwalker pick up a client and decide to play a game. Olinka will pretend to be a hooker and Eric Dray will pick her up, but Jean-Pierre Armand gets there first and drags her into the hotel where the previous hooker went. They have sex, but she then knees him in the balls and leaves just before Eric Dray arrives.
Then we see Olinka on the phone to Gabriel Pontello. He is in his office having sex with Laura Clair and Olinka is on her bed masturbating.
While Eric Dray waits in vain for Olinka to arrive at his attic flat for a meal, she attends a party at the Pontello place. After the compulsory Olinka dance this turns into an orgy. Gabriel Pontello, Cathy Menard, Laura Clair, John Oury, a blonde (XNK0285), a brunette (XNK0284) and another two males are also present.
Olinka finally finds the documents after everyone at the orgy has flaked out and then turns up for her date with Eric. They later go off in the train but get out between towns after pulling the emergency cord

File Size: ~750MB
Resolution: 512×384
Duration: 83 min
Format: mp4

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