Un urlo dalle tenebre (1975)

Alternative Titles:
The Exorcist III: Cries and Shadows
The Possessor
Naked Exorcism

Year: 1975
Country: Italy
Genre: Horror, Erotic
Quality: WEBRip
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Director: Luca Damiano (as Frank G. Carroll), Angelo Pannaccio (as Frank C. Lucas)
Studio: Colosseum International, Manila Cinematografica

Starring: Richard Conte, Francoise Prevost, Patrizia Gori, Jean-Claude Verne, Sonia Viviani, Elisabeth Tulin, Mimma Biscardi, Franco Garofalo, Giuseppe Talarico, Filippo Perego, Giangiacomo Elia, Giulio Baraghini, Rita Orlando, Bruno Di Levrano, Luca Damiano
—A teenager take a photo of a mysterious naked woman near a waterfall and also finds a strange amulet in the same area of the woods, the woman doesn’t appear in the photo after he develops it, as it turns out, the woman is a succubus summoned by a orgy-tastic satanic cult, and soon the teenage becomes possessed by the succubus and slashes a few girls throats and seduce/abuses a closet lesbian nun who is taking care of the ill teen, and other devil-possession gimmicks (floating bed, spitting up blood, monster voice, ect.) The strange cursed amulet also burns a symbol into his chest, soon an exorcist is called in to relieve the teenager from his devil possession blues.
—This movie starts with the teenager Peter (Jean-Claude Verne) who takes a picture of a mysterious naked woman (Mimma Monticelli) near a pastoral waterfall. When the picture is developed, the woman’s image is gone, and Peter is possessed by her ghost through a cursed amulet he finds at the scene

File Size: ~1700MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 80 min
Format: mp4

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  1. I have heard there are many versions of this? Just tell me which one is the preferred version ie most nudity in it?

  2. Please upload all the versions will download them as well but which one has more nudity also tell

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