O Idonovlepsias (1984)

Alternative Title:
Gousgounis, o megalos erastis

Year: 1984
Country: Greece
Genre: Classic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Greek

Director: Chris Liambos (as Hristos Bolias)
Studio: Due Films

Starring: Kostas Gousgounis, Polina Toutsier, Kostas Anagnostou, Stathis Anagnostou, Tonia Angelopoulou, Monika Dimitriou, Vana Fotiadou, Maria Gioti, Roula Ioannou, Myrto Karabetsou, Anna Liakopoulou, Iris Louloudi, Thanasis Papandreou, Magela Sargoni, Teta Savvidou
Description: Elias is an incurable ‘Peeping Tom’. In the first scene, hidden behind some rocks near the seashore, he masturbates while watching the sexy encounter of a couple on the beach.
Sexually aroused, he returns home and listens to another couple fucking in the neighbouring apartment. He manages to open a peep hole in the door, finally to be able to watch the coupling of young Joe with college girl Bessie and to jerk off.
Later on, his girlfriend Sonia joins in. She is extremely horny and gets roughly (and especially anally) fucked.
Elias can’t stop thinking of his young neighbours, even at work. Back at his apartment, he overhears Joe and Bessie arguing about having a threesome with Joe’s buddy Phoebus. She doesn’t consent, and even refuses to just fuck with Joe, in the presence of his friend. So, Joe slaps her. Elias calls a policeman, mainly as a pretext to get better acquainted with his neighbours.
Next day, he tells Sonia of his voyeuristic experiences and they jointly peep at another couple (Anna & Aris) having sex in the same apartment next door. Heavily turned on, Elias fucks Sonia. The two scenes occur in parallel and when Elias finds out about the anal fucking of the other couple, he once again has a boner, but Sonia is reluctant to give him any more satisfaction.
At the office, Elias takes a good look at some porn magazines with a friend. Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Sonia is herself discovering the joys of voyeurism, watching Joe and Phoebus finally succeeding in having a threesome with Bessie. She starts masturbating while watching the sexual acts of her young neighbours who are soon to be joined in by sexy college girl Jenny. The group scene being so hot, Sonia sticks even an orangeade bottle in her ass (good close-ups)! Elias suddenly walks in, sees his girlfriend’s excitement and decides to punish her for not satisfying him the other day by replacing the bottle with his dick! After the sex scenes, all the couples lie exhausted on their beds. Later on, Joe introduces himself to Elias, asking for some cigarettes.
The following day, Sonia meets with her girlfriend Demie at a coffee shop by the sea, and they discuss Sonia’s recent sexual experiences. They both decide to return to the apartment, eager to discover what’s on the sexual menu for the day. Back at his office, Elias has the same plans, but is delayed by the visit of a blonde (his secretary?). Although she claims to have resisted Elias’s advances in the past, she finally succumbs and both share some passionate sex.
Sonia and Demie are waiting in vain for someone to come and they have some drinks. Joe, Bessie and Jenny show up. Another group scene inevitably begins. At the same time, Sonia and Demie share some intense lesbian sex, soon to be joined in by Elias, who doesn’t mind his girlfriend’s infidelity and proceeds to fuck Demie vigorously.
In the end, Joe knocks again on the door, this time not to ask for cigarettes, but to invite his (three) neighbours for some hot group action. After the necessary introductions, the final (eleventh) sex scene inevitably begins. Jenny starts giving Elias a blowjob, while licked by Sonia, herself fucked by Joe (in missionary and cowgirl positions). Later on, Joe gets some oral treatment by Bessie and Elias by Demie, while Sonia masturbates watching them all. Suddenly, the couple from the fourth scene, Anna & Aris, join in. Anna gets some pussy licking by Jenny, who is fucked by Aris (in doggie position; cumshot on Jenny’s ass). Bessie gives Elias a blowjob. Finally, Sonia and Anna get fucked in reverse cowgirl positions by Joe and Aris respectively, while Elias fucks Bessie in cowgirl. Aris cums on Demie’s belly, whereas the true star, Elias, jerks off and offers his cum to all his fans (close-up shot)!

File Size: ~650MB
Resolution: 352×288
Duration: 74 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
O Idonovlepsias.mp4 – 655.5 MB

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