Wara 38: Fräulein Shurehand (1970’s)

Starring: Unknown
Description: A Cangaceiro, a strangler is wandering about on his own with his two horses and his empty stomach in the unknown land of Red lndians. Hungry and always looking for useful things, he suddenly realizes rising smoke in the distance. He presumes that there is a camp-fire in the wood, he creeps nearer to the place and finds a sweet Indian girl, who is speaking to the gods of the Jungle in front of a glimmering fire. In the right moment he catches the shy child of Mother Nature, and soon he can quiet down the fidget one and win her sympathy. Then she becomes acquainted with the Cangaceiro in details. A wild, caddish guy, who now has only one thing in his mind: the slender, beautiful body of this Indian squaw. All wild, lustful thoughts of his long loneliness come into the game in an egoistic manner, and she at first enjoys them unconsciously and partly with fainting devotion. Then she seems to take time by the forelock, and on a meadow in the shade of a white rock a red-white sensual Indian war is happening, where wild and imaginative “horsemanship” is not missing. The fight is thrilling and good as our quality of pictures and sound.

File Size: 473MB
Resolution: 768×576
Duration: 20 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Wara 38 Fraulein Shurehand.mp4 – 472.7 MB

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