Wara 120: Torture In Leather (1980’s)

Starring: Unknown
Description: A stessed hash-hunter is drawn to his domina and her maids. Humbled ans fastened he lies on the trestle, where his mistress personally puts a rubber cock right into his ass, while one of the lady’s maids keeps his balls in a vice. Hot and with greendiness he wants to fuck one of the maids, however, the harsh lady does not allow that. On the contrary, the obedient enslaved maids have to fumble with her wet plums right in front of the bound devotee’s nose, till the sweat is on his face, because of this hot action. Then a candle wax torture, which is done by domina herself. Just before exhaustion he is allowed to fuck. Bound in chains, one of the lady’s maids sucks the last drop of his juice out of his run down cock. With respect he kisses the black leather boots and out of juice b-ut happy, quits his mistress. A war of nerves in excellent quality of pictures and sound.

File Size: 326MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 27 min
Format: mp4

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  1. karan says:

    plz upload these porn movie as i requested earlier.

    Midnight Madness (1993)
    Director: Eric Edwards

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