Hong Chen Jie (1990)

Year: 1990
Country: Hong kong
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese

Director: Feng Chia-Wei
Studio: Synergy Communication Company, Kelly Film Ltd.

Starring: Wa Siu-Kong, Wong Tak-Chi, Wang Li, Co. Co, Cheung Fook-Chow, Wang Te-Sheng, Lui Hong-Si, Li Chia-Chen, Feng Chia-Wei, Bing Xin-Rong, Lin Yi-Fan, Sheung Chi
Description: Song Jianmin was a middle class. Originally, he sold fruit to feed a family of five. But unexpectedly, Song Jianmin lost his legs in a car accident, and the Song family’s life suddenly fell into a predicament. Seeing her husband abandoning himself after the car accident, the wife carried the burden of life without complaint for the livelihood of the whole family. In order to make a living, the wife had to hide her husband’s involvement in the sensual place, and the family’s economic situation gradually improved due to the wife’s sacrifice! But the good times are not constant. Song Jianmin is dissatisfied with the discrimination of others and is willing to fall. Confused in the casino, the life of the Song family is in crisis again. His wife was deceived in the hotel, murdered in an emotional out of control, and was sentenced to jail. At this time, Song Jianmin was addicted to gambling and was in debt. He didn’t know the whereabouts of his wife. He misunderstood that his wife ran away with the man outside, and threw himself into the sea in chagrin, leaving behind a pair of lonely sons and daughters. After the wife was released from prison, a pair of children did not understand their mother very much. After being persuaded by friends to be loyal to the mother’s good intentions, it seemed that it was too late… (Google Translate)

File Size: ~1550MB
Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 86 min
Format: mp4

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Hong Chen Jie.mp4 – 1.5 GB

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